YUME YUME x Kate Ahn

Kate Ahn paints self-portraits in bold and explicit detail. Her work challenges oppressive narratives of sex, liberating and celebrating female sexuality through striking compositions and tender brushstrokes.Fusing art and fashion, the YUME YUME x Killla Kate collaboration celebrates a shared labor of love for self-expression. Kate created 3 artworks and used her 3 favorite YUME YUME shapes as a canvas.

“As a young girl, I quickly fell in love with dressing myself, because it was one of the first forms of expression that taught me the confidence to be myself. There is no other feeling when I find the perfect pair of shoes to bring an outfit together. And that feeling is exactly what I felt when I first got a pair of YUME YUME’s. So when Eva asked me to work on this collection with her, words cannot explain how excited I was. Just like my own work I know that we both want to help create a world where being and expressing yourself is worth it and so liberating.” – Kate Ahn

Love Heels embellished with 'Nudles' artwork by Kate Ahn